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3 Stages to Complete Before Getting Your Scuba Diving Certificate


Scuba diving is without a doubt an exciting and thrilling activity whether it is to supply your hobby or as a sport. To be able to learn it, you should be at least 10 years old and at the same time, must have a scuba diving certificate. Additionally, you need to have basic fitness level to be able to enjoy this. If you’re going to take this course on a full time basis, it can be done within three to five days.

If someone is doing this part time however, he or she may complete it at a time convenient to their schedule. People who have learnt this course and taken scuba certification nj while on a vacation can still complete it as there are many centers across the globe. Basic scuba diving certificate course is actually open water diving course taught by the certification agency. This course will be training you to learn the proper scuba diving techniques which will help you be an independent diver.

Following are basic stages that are involved when learning scuba diving.

Stage 1: Comprehending Diving Theories

As soon as you enrolled for diving, you’ll be given DVDs and some literature to be able to grasp the concept and theories of diving. You may study this on your own or, attend classroom lessons. If you neither want to try classroom lessons nor study on your own pace, there are also online courses that you can try. Several institutes are providing e-learning materials to students.

Basically, the study material contains info regarding the basic diving techniques, selection of the diving equipment and maintenance as well as how the body is affected by diving. After the course is completed, you’ll be given a test. If passed, you’ll move on to the next phase.

Stage 2: Training in Enclosed Waters

After understanding the concepts, you’re now ready to train in confined waters such as a calm beach or swimming pool. First stage of the underwater training is done in shallow waters which is the more preferred for you can stand underwater. Once done with the training, you’ll slowly build your confidence of staying underwater. After you’re comfortable staying underwater for quite some time, that is when you will proceed to the next part.

Stage 3: Open Water Diving

All preparations from your scuba diving certificate is now put to the test. You’re now set to dive in open waters like oceans or big seas. In here, you’re about to apply everything that you’ve learned from stages 1 and 2. Find out more about scuba diving classes in NJ.


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